I have filed for H1 extension through drop box with I797 B; is that an issue?

I realized that my company had filed another application which was denied due to Section G.11b of this application contains an obvious inaccuracy or is incomplete. Will there be an issue with my visa approval?.

Unless USCIS has done any post-approval processing on your approved petition, you can assume it doesn’t impact you.

Do you know if the same inaccuracy was present in your submitted documents?

Thank you for the response. I do not believe they did any, what do you mean by post-processing? No, I submitted the right 797 which the US attorney mailed me. I got nervous due to the fact that it was 797B instead of 797A. Appreciate your help.

797A is issued if you are already inside US and new I-94 is issued. 797B is issued when the visa is to be issued outside US.

If USCIS were to impact your petition, they would process on it after it has been approved. This will change the online status from approved to something else (hence post-approval processing).

Thank you. The status is showing as “Administrative Processing” when I track the status since, Tuesday/ Wednesday of last week. I emailed support@ustraveldocs.com and they responded stating “In response to your question, our records indicate the Passport/documents are submitted to POST for further processing”. I am waiting patiently and moved my flight out as well. Is it common that an application is in Administrative Processing for 5 days? I submitted the documents to the Chennai Consulate. Sorry for bombarding you. Thank you.

Hmm, I didn’t know that 221g was issued against your case.

Administrative processing could be for variety of reasons. It could be trivial one like checking status in PIMS or more complicated one. Nothing you can do, except to wait for them to complete their processing.

Thank you Saurabh for all your help. I received my passport back . Appreciate it.