I have both H4 and H1 on my passport.

I got H4 last year and now this month I got H1 stamped. As my employer is still searching for an assignment for me so I am planning to travel on H4. Later on when my employer will find me the project, will my H1 be valid or again I have to file the petition?


Hi Anjali,

Travel on H-4 is okay. Your I-94 will be stamped according to primary H-1 documents. Your H-1 sponsor employer has to expedite matters as they should not attract an ‘intent to revoke’ on your H-1B from USCIS because you have been on the bench too long.

Best wishes

Dr. Sandeep Shankar, Colorado Heights University, Denver, CO 80223, USA. www.chu.edu; sshankar@chu.edu

Thanks for the prompt response.