I have applied for a fresh normal passport,can i apply for a new passport?

Passport police verification at previous address and re-application for a new passport. i applied online, documents verified at Patna PSK and previous address is of Kolkata.I was studying over there.now am at my permanent(present address mentioned in passport) and will stay here only for a month.please-help-me out.I doubt my police verification will get a positive report from Kolkata.Please tell me what Can I do? I am leaving for Bangalore after 1 month for my job and passport is needed there.

First of all, why did you re-apply for a Passport? What went wrong with the first application?

Police personnel usually call once before coming to your home for verification or you can goto your area Police Station and inform them about your Passport application and about your immediate movement to Bangalore for work. So when they call you, travel back to your Permanent address immediately for verification.

If the Passport is applied in TATKAL, then you’ll get the Passport first and then the Police will commence verification.

Hope this helps!