I have a reinstatement request pending since july 28 2014, i graduated may 2015.I need my OPT

I applied for a reinstatement before my visa expired because my Immigration adviser insists visa expiration and i-20 expiration dates are different.

i applied for a reinstatement in July 2014, in may 2015 they sent me 7 page letter asking for chronological history after seating on my request for over 10 months and saying they will reply me within a minimum of 14 days from the date they receive my response to their request i graduated may 2015.

my OPT grace period will be over by July 15, can i apply for OPT especially when i don’t have a clue as to if they will make a decision, i have two arrest cases both of them have been dismissed,

Well, I suggest you work with your DSO on your situation as they are best to advice on your situation as it is a little tricky and we prefer not to give you wrong advice.

i have gone ahead to file for opt 15th of July irrespective, i receive an RFE from them in may of 2015 and responded i got my reinstatement on the 17th of July 2015. i hope i get my opt.