I have a H1B visa.But i couldn't travel to US with that visa

I have a H1B visa.But i couldn’t travel to US with that visa as client contract ended after i got the visa .hence couldn’t travel.Now my questioj is, if resign from my current company can I go to US from another company with my current visa .Please suggest.

The new employer can file a cap exempt petition for you, once it is approved you can travel with old company’s visa stamp and new company’s approved petition. But sometimes the new company may want their own name in the stamped visa, in that case they may ask you to go for stamping again. But chances to that are pretty slim.

Is there a possibility that my current employer may cancel my visa??

They can withdraw the petition by sending a request to USCIS. They can also cancel the visa stamp by sending the passport to the consulate. In either case, another employer can file cap-exempt petition for you. If the visa stamp in the passport is cancelled, then you will have appear for another stamping through the new employer.

Hi Sourav, Thanks for your answer.

I have the stamped visa with me.So employer can’t cancel it. So if they withdraw the petition , in that case would my stamped visa still be valid?

I am just trying to figure out the consequnces, if i resign from my current employer.

Some companies require you to submit your passport for visa cancelation as part of their exit/separation process. So if they don’t do that, your visa stamp will remain valid but petition may still be withdrawn.