I have 4 years gap in education will that be okay if score good in gre and ielts to crack visa for MS

I joined btech in 2006 nut unfortunately i completed that recently. I have 4 years of gap. I wanted to do MS in USA what are the chances for me to get visa plzz im really tensd about this issue. Plzz someone help out of this.

Visa is a very different thing and we cannot really know what visa officer looks at for giving visa, even if you did not had gap and have everything correct. As a student applying to US schools, all you need to worry about having good score, admission from good school and be prepared to answer the visa officer questions. I know people who had 15 subjects failed in bachelors, but still managed to get US visa. So, do not worry too much about your gap, focus on getting good scores in GRE and TOEFL. If you are really passionate about higher education. Go for it. I suggest you read few articles under “Decide ms or MBA” section.