i had been rejected F1 visa and now f2 rejected?

I have been rejected f1 visa 4 times. My husband is in the US, he is a student has an F1 visa. So i have applied for f2 visa rejected 2 times again due to 2l4 b law. What shall we do please help us.
thank you!

This is common occurrence in many countries. However denying a spouse dependent visa even based on financial or other 214b INA reasons is violation of family reunification law. Your husband must get help from local senator and tell him / her that despite paying tuition and living in the city and studying there, his wife is being denied entry. Let me know if your husband needs more detailed help.

Best wishes

Dr. Sandeep Shankar; wwwDOThopeforhumanityglobalDOTorg; hopehumanityATgmail.com

how can he contact you for the detail help the phone in the site is not working?