I got H1B stamped in June2014 with employer X now new employer Y asking to travel with receipt notice.

Can i travel with photocopy of old petition and original receipt notice until new employer gets new original peition.

Old original petition has been taken over by my previous employer.

Don’t do that. You cannot travel on X’s petition to work for Y. You need to have Y’s approval notice in hand to be able to do that.

Thanks saurabh,
You mean to say I need to wait for new approved LCA?

No, I meant approved 797. You need to have an approved petition for the employer to intend to work for. If you want to work for X and X wants you in US, then use X’s 797. If not, wait for Y’s 797.

Thanks saurabh!
I think need to request for premium processing right? Which will take 2-3 weeks?

Yes, PP applications will be done in 15 calendar days from the day petition is received.

Thanks saurabh!
One last question
I need not go for stamping again right?

If the previous visa stamp has not expired or has not been canceled in the passport, you can still use it for travel. Check w/ your new employer’s attorney on this as well.