I found mistake(Place of birth ) in my kids passport after H4 visa stamping is done

I am on H1b Visa. Few days ago H4 visa is issued to my daughter(3 yrs) old. I found Place of Birth is wrong in my kids passport, Place of Birth in DOB certificate and in Passport is not matching(0% match).
So my question is if I re-apply for New Passport to change Place of birth details in Passport. Do I need to apply for new H4 visa or Can I use existing H4 stamped Visa.

If you go in a proper legal way, you must apply for your visa after your new passport issued.
But a safe bet would be to declare a self affidavit stating that “due to the mistake in the old passport birth place, a new passport was applied” and carrying BOTH the passports(the one with stamped visa and wrong birth place and the one with the correct birth place and no visa, along with the copy of notarized birth certificate, you can show these if anyone questions you aobut the discrepency. The questioning of descrepancy is very unlikely but if it happens, you will have the above documents to show. This issue would prolong only during the validity period of that stamped visa and if you happen to enter into US using that visa, rest of the times your old passport doesnt have a play.


Thank you for your help.
I will declare a self- affidavit as you suggested.
Place of birth in Date of birth certificate in correct. I only need to correct it in Passport. May I know why do i need to carry notarized birth certificate.

It tells the real reason for the discrepancy and its the source of the truth.

Notarized birth certificate means original Date of birth certificate??

No, please do some research about what is notarization and what is a notarized birth certificate online.