I filed H4-F1 first & then H4ead after few months. If i get approval on either,What happens to other?

I’m currently on H4. I then decided to pursue MS so we applied for COS to F1. It’s been 8 months i still don’t have an F1 approval. Now we have filed for my H4 extension (which is about to expire) and H4 EAD together. Assuming I get either one of this status (F1 or H4 ead). What happens to other application? Would it automatically be cancelled or status would be changed again?

Any expert advice would be helpful - Thanks!

If F-1 COS is approved, H-4 extension would be abandoned as you are no longer on H-4 status.

If H-4 extension is approved, F-1 COS will still be processed and may get approved later putting you in F-1 status.

What status do you eventually want to be in - F-1 or H-4 EAD? Based upon that revoke the other petition once desired one gets approved.