I don't know if my employer filed for my h1b in time. What happens next?


I have received my offer letter on April 26th and my case with lawyers started on May 2nd. The very next day I posted my documents on lawyer’s online platform. However, my employer did not post ant documents. 3 weeks ago, I warned them about the fact that h1b cap will be reached soon and not many spaces are left. Then, I have been informed that they have given necessary documents to the lawyers, but not sure when they would file for my h1b.

They were going to file it with premium processing. Last week I sent them an email asking about the status and informing that the cap is reached. They said they will ask their legal reps and also looking for alternative options. At this point, I am not even sure if my h1b petition was filed and they don’t want me to talk to their lawyers. I am in the US already. I came here almost 8 years ago after high school for my undergrad and did 1 year of OPT in 2009-2010. In the last years, I have been studying under f1 at a test prep school. I am not eligible for STEM OPT extension anymore nor for J1.

My questions:

  1. How have I know if they filed for my h1b?

  2. If they did not, do you think the US would extend the application date for h1b petition filing?

  3. What happens after petitions are renewed? If some applications are not approved, would they reopen the cap for new applications?

  4. What alternative options do I have to work for this employer? It is one of the biggest coorperations in the world and the job I was offered is very good, so I really dot want tO miss it!

Sorry for the length and thank you very very much!

My views for 1 and 3

1. There is not other means but only employen or their lawer can confirm about status, if employer is really interested in you then they will follow to get ur H1B

3. USCIS will not reopen the cap for new applications, all unused will moved to next year quota and to be utilized within first month of next year opening