I didn't hear result about My file , Till what date i can keep my Hopes?

Hi All,

I have applied through external consultancy Under regular , NON Masters . They didn’t receive any update on my file . Till what date i can hope for ?

please help me by answering …



if should be having a receipt number form your sponsor if filed for h1b.
with this you can track if picked in lottery or not with exact status from uscis web link.

If employer says not picked in lottery still they should be having a receipt number for tracking to provide for you else you can ask about did they really file for h1b.
its common these days if they are not providing receiot number means they have not filed and scamming money if you paid.
No way u can file charges for that because taking money as well as sgiving money for h1b processing in unlawful so both will get into issues hence so employers take advantage on aspirants as they will not question unless decided dont want any visa in future and want to sue them for not filing yet get money from aspirants and that ration is very less.