I currently hold valid L1B visa until 2020 did not traveled to US, Can I get COS to H1B?

Currently I hold a valid L1B visa until 2020, I did not traveled to US till now, Can I get COS to H1B from another employer or what are the chances or options for me that I can leave my current employer and join another employer who has job opportunities for US? What would be the better chances for travel to US?

To change to an H1 Visa you need to go to the camp if you have never been selected against the cap. As you have never travel to the US and hence have a valid status .Status changes is only applicable when you have a valid status but you get when your residing in the US. Can be filed within the US. Answer to a question is no you cant do this.

L1 to H1 status without being counted against the cap is not possible.