I completed B.E with 7.3 CGPA studying M.tech but have backlogs in mtech do i have chances of securing MS admission?

I will be really grateful if you could help me out with this. I completed my Bachelors in Engineering (Electrical and Electronics) in 2013 with a CGPA of 7.24. By the end of 2012 (during my final year of college) i was in full swing to prepare for pursuing Masters (M.S-Mechatronics) in a reputed institute in USA. My GRE score is 300 and TOEFL score is 103. But i couldn’t apply because i lacked financial support at that time. So i decided to do M.Tech instead in India. I got into a good university through a entrance examination for which i prepared a year. Currently i’m in my 2nd year of M.tech. Right now i feel this is not my call. I’m not passionate about the Branch i chose (which is Instrumentation and control). I still wanted to study M.S (Mechatronics). Then i came to know that i can pursue M.S in Germany literally with no tuition fee with great and promising opportunities. So i have decided to apply. But the problem is my CGPA in M.tech is very low. Unfortunately i have a couple of backlogs which i can only clear by May 2016. I’m planning to apply for Winter semester of 2016. And i’m worried it will affect my chance of getting into a German University. Could it be a problem? Please advice. Expecting your kind response.

Unfortunately, this forum is currently meant for students who apply to US schools. We may not be able to advise you on German Universities and their dependencies.

If you were to apply to US schools, it should not matter. I know many students who have secured admissions with many backlogs. But, getting visa could be tricky as you already have a masters and you need to convince the visa officer on why you need another Masters.

If you are passionate about something, do not just leave it and compromise on other things like your other branch. Try to find ways to pursue your dream, I know it is not easy…but, do not give up. Talk to people and see who can help you pursue your dream… Good Luck !