I appliee with unofficial transcript that I will have a mster degree in august ,am i consider master cap?

I’m doing a master now there is 10 credit left to graduate , when I apply for the H1b visa I applied with unofficila transcript approve that I will get my master degree in the summer 2016.

In my case Am I consider under Master or regular situation .

I mean my case under the 20000 masters holder or under the 65000.

It depends how your petition was sent, on the petition envelope if your Attorney/Employer wrote Advanced degree cap then it should be processed under Advanced degree since you have already completed your masters.

degree conferral is not required.

Hope this answers your question.


I’m in similar situation. Is your h1 approved? Or did you receive any rfe
I have my h1 applied in masters cap, but I have 6 credits pending,

About to graduate this spring .

Please share your experience, it would

be helpful.

Thank you.