I applied H1B this year, can i go to India?

Currently, I am on L2 EAD. I applied for H1 on 10th June 12. My L2 is valid till Sep 17th 2012. I wanted to go to India in July for a month. Can I go to India in July and come back in 1st week of August. If not then what is the best time to go to India.

Was the H1B Applied as Change of Status ( COS) ? If so, then your travel on L2, while H1B petition decision is pending, will abandon the COS request to H1B… but the H1B petition application will be considered and you will get a decision on H1B petition.

If yours is COS from L2 to H1B Visa and you want to travel before Sep 17th, better thing would be to wait until the H1B petition is approved and travel to India after the approval on your current L2 visa and return in the same L2 visa ( provided you have valid visa stamping in passport) . You can consider premium processing for H1B visa to have a decision to adjust your travel plans.