I am working in H1B Status for a University.Can I transfer to a private company and be exempt from the H1B quota?

I am currently working at a University in Virginia under H1B visa for a period of 18 months. Now I have got an offer from a private company based in Raleigh, NC. Can I transfer my H1B visa from the university to the company? Could you please help me in this regard?

No, you cannot transfer the H1B from university to a company. The university’s H1B are cap-exempt visa, you can only use it to transfer between universities or non-profit organizations or organizations that fall under cap-exempt category.

In order to transfer to a for profit private companies, you should have an approved H1B petition which went through the normal lottery process that takes place in April every year. In case you have not gone through the lottery before, the only way out is you can ask the company to apply for normal H1 in April 2017, go through the lottery process as others, and have it approved.