I am unable to track my case status

In the month of May, I received letter stating that my application is picked up through lottery and got a receipt number. When i try to track it, till today I receive the message that the case number is invalid. I spoke to the employer on this, and they say that since we officially received the letter from USCIS, we shouldn’t bother about this issue. I trust my employer, however I want to share in this forum to see if anyone has faced similar issue in the past and what was the result of it?

Often USCIS has this data integrity issues and case doesn’t show-up online. If your employer is game, then he can open a SR w/ USCIS and ask them to fix the case number.

Just an update: there was nothing taken care from employer end. Last week the case is automatically updated with the latest status. So, I recommend the people who face similar issue, better report to employer and wait for his response. As Saurabh said below about the data integrity issues, it is also possible that USCIS will take care of updating case status when your application is picked for processing further after the lottery.

Hope this helps.