I am travelling on L1B and what if H1b form another employer gets approved


I am travelling to US on 5th April 2013 through L1B from current employer.

Since there was no plan till last month I have applied for H1b from another employer.

Now I am confused what is going to happen. Please find my queries below and help me out with the answers.

  1. I will be working in US on L1B visa with current employer till I get H1b approval from another employer. After I resign, if my current employer resolves my concerns and asks me to continue here, will my L1B still valid or will it be cancelled?

  2. After I resign, if my current employer asks me to return to India, can I still stay in US with H1b approval but waiting for stamping.

  3. Since there was no travel plan initially I have given Delhi as my H1b interview post for the petition. But I will be in US when I come to know about H1b approval in October. Can I go to any nearest post around US for the stamping?

Thank you in advance.


  1. It depends on if your employer is gonna cancel L1. If they resolve your problem, I would assume they will not cancel your L1.

  2. No - if your employer cancels L1, you need to return to India and return on H1 for new employer after stamping but can enter US and work only after Oct 1.

  3. Yes, you can visit Canada I believe. Technically, you don’t have to go for stamping till your next entry to US.

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