I am planning to apply for H4 but my husband holds 90 days of validity

My husband holds an H1-B visa and has validity for 90 days and he is yet to apply for his extension.I am planning to apply for an H4 visa. Will there be any problem in applying for the same? How long will it take for the visa to be stamped? Kindly let me know the details.

Dear Merlyn,

I am presuning that you are in india.

If so , apply immedietely while yr husband is still having valid H1. Applying for H4 visa when husband’s H1 has officialy expired is dicey. Husband aplying for H1 extension is NOT same as having H1 visa as far yr applying for H4 is concerned.

Fresh application should take 2 to 3 weeks for visa appointment to materialise depending on yr consulate.

I shall strongly advise you to get H4 stamped while husband has valid visa , enter USA as early as possible

Deepak deshpande < Nagpur


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In addition to what Deepak mentioned, if you apply for H-4 visa now, you would receive H-4 visa valid until his current 797 expiration date. If you apply for H-4 visa after his H-1 extension has been approved, then you will receive visa valid until new 797 expiration date.

It’s not an issue, just a nuisance as your visa stamp would expire within at most 3 months if you go now.