I am on l1 visa.we r in ext. process,my license exp. next month.what i do?

Hi, I am on l1 extension process and my license expire in next month. I lived in Edison NJ. I go to dmv but they told me to take original EAC recipt. I have Eac receipt no. on I797,but they don’t except that. What i do now?

You can ask your employer to post you the approved petition that has new I-94. Go to DMV with that.

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Thanks for answering me…but my visa is not approve now, it takes one and half month more. I want to know about EAC receipt. Pls help me…

You need to have proof of extension for this. Once the L-1 extension gets approved, you can carry the new EAC number (i.e. 797) for DL. If it is taking time, then you can discuss w/ your employer about the possibility of upgrading to PP.