I am on F1 status and this is my last semester. Can I apply for F2 now

My convocation or graduation will be in August 2017. Can i apply F2 visa to my husband and kid now.

This one and half year we managed our 6 year old kid but now she is very much depressed and wants to see me.

Iam worried about her health as well. AS this is my last semester can I apply for F2 for my kid and husband. Will there be any risks of rejection since this my last semester.

Heard that chances for rejection for F2 visa is more during F1-OPT period. My OPT period will start from January 2017. Is this true? If so when is the good time to apply for F2.

Can you please provide me some insight like which is the best time to apply dependent visa for them. I don’t want rejections on their file because it might affect future visa status.

Appreciate your help.

Yes, you can. Technically, you are eligible. Also graduation is very relative, some students tend to delay by taking extra coures or get specialization, so that may not be an issue. Usually, F2 chances can be tricky because many fail to show enough funds for supporting their spouse and kid. Neverthless, it should be fine. Just be confident and follow the process. Speak to your DSO and understand the process, it should be fine.

There is nothing like best time, you should apply when you need it. Also, having rejection on one type of visa will not impact your other visas, both are independent. I know people, who have rejection for H1B got other visas like B1/B2 or L1 without any issues…so do not worry too much.