I am looking for suggestion to apply for H1B


  1. let me explain my problem. I am with x employer currently and i have apporved LCA with x employer and i am working with y client with x employer and i got vendor letter . but dont have y client letter to file my H1B.This is not a long term project chance of project by end of april or may 2013.

  2. Now i got new job with z employer (new employer). i dont have LCA apporved.

Z employer filed my LCA on 03/25/2013 and telling that it will approve by 04/01/2013. i have vendor letter with z employer and i will get client letter after joining with z employer client company.It is a long term project and joining date is april 15th 2013

please suggest me with which employer i have to file my h1b or is there a way to apply for two h1b with two different employers.

Thank you,