I am in OPT right now, unfortunately I failed a subject and in hope less situation . Please suggest me What can I do ?

I got acceptance of opt and I failed my last subject and have to retake it , can I pause my opt or can I cancel my opt if I cancelled it , can I get opt again ? Help me please.

Foremost thing you need to talk to an experienced Immigration attorney who specifically deals F1, H1B, and related cases.

Second google and see what others say on the issue.

I do not think that this will be an issue. You can just take the last course parallel to your OPT. There is always an option to cancel the OPT and re apply but you might have to go through some tough scrutiny by the USCIS if you cancels the OPT and re apply and a later time.

This is just my understanding of the facts.

Go talk to an attorney.

Best of Luckā€¦

hello, can i request you to please let me know what you have done in this situation. I am the same situation right now. Any information from you will be very useful to me.