I am eligible for dropbox but my wife moved from H1B to H4 - are we still eligible ?



I know how dropbox works as I did my last stamping in dropbox only, this time situation is bit different, my wife was on h1b and she moved to h4 visa 1 year before , in current situation I am eligible for dropbox but I am not sure about my wife , can you anyone guide ? what are the possibility ?

1 ) Since I am eligible and my wife is dependent - so she will be automatically eligible for dropbox ?

  1. Since my wife is not eligible - we both need to go to interview even though I am eligible for dropbox ?

  2. Me and my wife both need to take separate interview ?

or once I will go to my application center account it will tell clearly ?

Please guide,




Wife did not have h4 visa. so, not eligible.

my recommendation – apply separately


Hi, Thank you for reply, no as per I mentioned above she is on h4 since 1 year.