I am dentist (India)with 2yr exp. and MHA with 7mnth exp. as recruiter, now on h4.How to find cap exempt job?

My MHA was not from a college thats universally accepted. It was a local university. How should i find a job using my recruiter background or such that MHA degree can be used here in USA.

Your MHA has to be evaluated by a US credential evaluator and it all depends on results of evaluation.

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Dr. Sandeep Shankar,



Hello sir. Just checked the list of colleges accreditated and accepted on WES evaluation services and unfortunately didnot find my college or university in it. Please guide me for some courses i can pursue to start working or some certifications that can help me get a h1cap exempt job in healthcare as a recruiter or administrator. I am in california and here they also require some state certifications. So would like to know about that too. Eagerly waiting for your kind advice and guidance.

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Your first step is to get the MHA evaluated. There are about 7 such companies in the US. WES is one of them but there are others such as GCE who lawyers rely on. If you are a 10+2+3+2 student, then evaluation will return data that 3 years of Bachelors plus 2 years of Masters is equivalent to 4 years of US Bachelors degree. This information is then to be used for H-1B application purposes. Regarding guidance on certification programs, can you send me a copy of your resume? My email id is in the first reply to you. Best wishes