I am a divorcee.will there be any issue providing F2 for my kid as her father holds visitation rights on her?

Hi , I am a divorcee and trying to pursue MS in USA. i got admit in few colleges and i am trying to apply for F1 for my self and F2 for my kid. i would like to know if there will be any issues about providing F2 for my kid since her father holds visitation rights over her? what are all the documents i need to provide at the time of interview? more info or pointers on this will help.

No, there should not be any issues. In fact, it is a bold move for single parent to puruse higher education for career. Regarding documents, all documents related to divorce and standard documents for proof of funds, etc would help. I am not an expert in this area, but that’s what I can think of. You can always check with DSO on any of these topics.