I am a B.Sc (In Chemistry) Graduate having 10 year of IT Experience. will my h1b approved?

Dear Sir / Madam,

I am working with IBM and got selected in lottery 2014 and application is in initial review status. I am worried about my eligibility due to non-IT degree. Here is a brief of my profile -

1- B.sc in Chemistry
2- 5 year IT experience will United Health Group
3- 5 year IT experience will IBM India pvt. Ltd.

Will my petition be approved? will i face any issue in stamping if petition is approved.

My employer has evaluated my education and according to that i am fully qualified for this position and my B.Sc degree is equivalent to Bachelor of Science in Management of Information System.

A huge expectation to clarify my doubt. A Big thanks in advance!

Your 10 years of IT experience will outweigh your educational qualification. So, you shouldn’t face any problems with Visa processing because of just having a Bachelor’s degree…

However, there is a chance that the VO may ask why you chose to work in IT industry when you studied Chemistry. It helps if you consult your employer and have a strong\valid answer to it.

Hi Deepak,

Let me know your case status, me too in the same situation but i have 3 years arts degree with 7 years of IT experience…