I-94 Issue - Will it delay in admin processing

Hello Saurabh.

I have changed my status from student to H1 status , post this I visited to India for stamping. I have been referrred to 221 g processing, its been more than 3 months.

Quick question: I have come to visit India after my staus change from F1-to H1, While travelling from US, do I need to submit I-94 as a student or the I-94 of the New H1-petetion. Is this delaying the admin processing.

Appreciate all your help.

If you don’t have an H1B visa in your passport yet, you can’t enter under H1B obviously.

You can submit either or both (as they have the same number). I don’t think it would be the reason for delay.

Thanks. On following your articles for probable reasons for processing - PIMS system update - Is there a way to check whether the petition is in system or .
2. The other reason is verification- I have FNU on all my records, previous student visa,I94,petition,DL and SSN. Is there a delay attributing to this too.Can we get any help to update Consulate on this.
Also, I happen to get an update from my employer that E-verify on me last year was put on TNC and now has been verified - Can this also add to processing delay
3. My petition expires on sep’12. Can we file for extension from India with the present petition under processing.

Thanks in advance.