i 94 is valid till 2018 but stamping is required still for new H1B ?

Hi All,

My H1b got denied Dec 2016 and applied new h1b with same employer and got approved successfully but not recived i94. But my previous i94 is valid till sep 2018. Now i am going to india due to personal emergency.

  1. Should i go for stamping again in india ?

  2. Howlong i can staty in us ?

Please suggest.

Thanks in advance.


Your new approval would have the new I-94 at the bottom of the page, check it out.

I-94 got no value once you left USA so, forget about it.

If your visa stamped on your passport is valid and its on your current employer name, you dont need a new stamping. But as per you, you have changed the employer thus you need to get the stamping before your re-entry.