I-94 incorrect travel history

Hi All!

Do I need to worry about missing and incorrect entries that I see on my I-94 electronic record?

For example, on one line, I see incorrect year, and one travel history has my start and end date the same!

The good part is, my latest entry to the US (I am currently in the US) is shown correctly. Do I need to worry about missing/incorrect historic entries?

(I am currently on L1B and my H1B is being filed.)

This question has been of concern to many people on this forum. I would suggest visiting the nearest international airport at your convenience and get your record cleared at the Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) desk / department / office. It should not take more than 5 minutes, remember to take your passport.

Best wishesDr. Sandeep Shankar, Colorado Heights University, www.chu.edu, sshankarATchu.edu

Thank you Dr. Shankar, I shall do so.

Every one I inquire has at least one discrepancy in their I-94 online travel history. I wonder why CBP has not made any official statement on the issue and the corrective actions, other than the usual visit the nearest “deferred inspection site” for corrections (Please correct me if I am wrong).

I earlier visited a deferred inspection site for my I-94 date correction, and that was not a good experience, so I hate to visit again!

If this is not yet resolved and you do not want to visit the nearest “deferred inspection site”, you can open a case on cbp website stating your issue.
They reply fairly late, but they will take action in 2-3 days once you get reply from them.

I had visited a cbp site to get my i94 corrected but there were still a few entries missing on my travel history. I got them corrected via opening a case, as they were not a major concern and I wanted them to rectify it anyways.

Hope that helps!

Thank you Lippie, I shall try your suggestion, will be very happy if the issue is resolved without a physical visit.

Hi I am the recent victim of incorrect travel history updated in my I-94 site. My last departure showing as 2015 May 8 while I never departed USA after my arrival on 2014 Oct 2014. Today I called CBP office over the phone lady office asked me “did you booked any air ticket and cancelled it”, i said NO as I never booked any ticket then she said “Don’t worry no one check travel history of I-94” I requested how can I get it corrected, she said we cannot update it, when I asked again having wrong entry in travel history may be a problem when I travel next time or apply for GC but she said " I have told you multiple time there are no issue and you should not worry about it as this does not impact anything", I asked should I come at BCP inspection office, now she told I am repeating again we can’t update or correct this…I am still puzzled as above comments says travel history can be corrected by CBP officer and it takes 5 minutes while I contacted the CBP office they are saying don’t worry and they can not update it…please guide what to do?

Hi lippie - Can you send the online link from where you opened case from website.

Try submitting a complaint using this : https://help.cbp.gov/app/forms/complaint
just visit the nearest CBP site (mostly at nearest airport), as this does not require any appointment.

Please try not to call US govt offices for this type of query. Just go to nearest CBP office usually inside international terminals.

HI sir as i went to nearest CBP office but they said you need to do it in online i94 website only i have the same issue departure is there in my passport but missing details are port of exit and arrival information can you plz help me with this how to overcome this issue asap.

Hello ,

In my case, the arrival record on the i94 page looks good, however, when I click on travel history there is an erroneous departure entry from a couple of years back which is showing -
i94 page has a prior arrival record correctly captured - I am not sure if this will create any issue with my pending green card application. CBP Deferred inspection site said they don’t correct travel history errors and it’s a known issue with the system. They mentioned that they only correct if there is an error on the i94 card per say.
Thoughts please?