I-94 Extension For L2 Visa same like L1 Visa holder


Currently I am on L2 visa which is valid until Nov-2013 and I-94 valid until Nov-2013. My husband is on L1 visa and having visa validty until Nov-2013 but he have received I-94 until Dec-2015.

My question is

  1. Can I apply for L2 visa i-94 extension .
  2. I read we can apply using I-539 form.Please let us know will that ork in this case.


You can refer to below 2 threads in this forum. No Need to go for extension. Go for I-94 Correction based on your spouse’s I-94 Validity. It does work for sure. All the best.

1.L2 I-94 extension based on L1's I-94 without filing extension for L1 visa


2. L2 EAD Procedure ? Is SSN required before applying EAD?