I 94 expired 20 days back what should I do but have a valid H1b visa and I797 petition

My I-94 expired on Jan 15th 2019 but have a valid I797 petition till feb 7 2020 .
Last time when I entered into USA POE Officer had given me the I-94 expiry date as my passport expiry date and I didn’t check after then . I renewed my passport but forgot to renew my I-94 today morning when I was collecting for tax documents I saw that my I-94 was expired . I have plan to go to CBP office tomorrow morning … please help/ suggest me in my case is it safe to go to CBP office or exiting USA and entering into USA ? It would be great if any one of you can share your experiences in these scenarios …:. Thanks in advance

This issue is resolved just by going to CBP office at airport . Officer was friendly and he just updated the I -94 which is equal to VISA date . If you are expiry date is less than 60 days it will work or else you have to go out US and re enter

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Very delighted to know that your issue is resolved with ease. Special thanks to you for updating your own question with the way that you have solved it. Please keep updating the situations for other’s use. Thanks again.