I-9 form was rejected by DHS. Tentative Non-Conformance Notice?

Hi Saurabh,

I am on STEm Extension and recently changed the job. New company has e-verify number and this company also transferred my H1B visa (approved by USCIS). I will be on F-1 OPT until 30 Sep 2013.

I completed my I-9 form on first of job and employer submitted to E-verify system. But I-9 was not accepted by DHS. Employer received ‘Tentative Non-Conformance Notice’ from DHS. I was asked to check if all information in I-9 is correct. It was correct but turns out employer filed it wrong. So employer filed another I-9 and they received same notice again. This time it might be because employer added letter ‘A’ before my USCIS# (alien#). But this number is 9-digit number (on my EAD) with no letter before it. Hence employer filed I-9 again but this time they see ‘Institute Additional Verification’ status in the system. I was asked to wait till 8/5/13 to see if this status changes.

I could not find much information about it online. Can you please advise something on how should I proceed?

This is what is says about Institue Additional Verification:

If SAVE is unable to find a record pertaining to the applicant, it displays a “Institute Additional Verification” message. The SAVE customer agency may initiate the additional verification procedure, which entails an in-depth query by USCIS Immigration Status Verifiers (Status Verifier) to determine the applicant’s immigration status. At the point at which the “Institute Additional Verification” message is displayed, customer agencies are required to 

inform benefit applicants of the additional verification option and to pursue it if requested by the applicant. This is part of the MOA for all customer agencies.


Check w/ your DSO if everything is correctly updated on your SEVIS record. If everything is correct, then you will have to wait to see if there is any status change. Maybe it was put in this status as it errored out in first 2 cases.