I-797C Form means I won the lottery?

I applied for the H1B, and I got a I-797C Notice of Action form. Does that mean that I won the lottery? According to this site: hbwiki.com/h1b-visa-2014-lottery-2-weeks-update/ it actually means that, but I just wanted to double check.


USCIS will send Form I-797C, Notice of Action, to a customer in order to communicate information related to notices of:




	re-open, and

	appointment (fingerprint, biometric capture, interview, rescheduled). 

 If you receive a Form I-797C in the mail, please pay close attention to what it says. Ignoring the instructions in a Notice of Action might delay your case. [copied from the link below]



In H1B case, I-797C notice of action with Notice type: Receipt notice [which has a receipt number on it] means you are selected in lottery.

srb, where can I find that in case of the H1B a I-797C means that I am selected in the lottery? I haven’t find this in any official web page.

Thanks a lot.

USCIS uses numerous types of Form I-797 to communicate with customers or convey an immigration benefit. Form I-797 is NOT a form you can fill out. [this is from the second link]…
This means they use I-797 to communicate or convey any immigration benefit… h1b is one of them… i know they use it to convey perm applications too…
If, on the I-797C u received , if notice type is receipt notice it means they are acknowledging your application. They acknowledge the applications which are selected in lottery as they are going to process them further.
u can search on uscis website… probably u can get data from 2008-2009

I think in this article they mention that they send receipt notices for the applications selected in lottery.
Petitioners whose properly filed petitions have been selected for full adjudication should receive a receipt notice dated no later than June 2, 2008 [ from the article].
I could not find an article mentioning all this , this year. But assumption is they follow the same lottery process.