I 797 approved but I94 and visa expiring...


First of all, thanks a lot for this forum for helping or advising people in correct direction.
My situation and related query is as below…

  1. I was working with Employer A and I got first I797 approved in 2015. I got H1B visa stamped from 1st Dec 2015 till 30th Nov 2016. In short, my H1B stamp on passport and recent I94 is expiring on 30th Nov 2016.
  2. Now, I changed my employer (say Employer B) and my H1B got transferred, so I797 (petition) is approved till 2019. But new approval copy comes with old I94 number on it.


  1. As mentioned in first point above, my H1B stamp and I94 are expiring on 30th Nov 2016, but my new I797 with Employer B is valid till 2019. So can i stay in US without stamping new H1B visa and with expired I94 beyond 30th Nov 2016?
  2. Is there any way to get I94 extended without traveling out of USA.

Even though I-94 number is same as old one (this is expected), it should have a new expiration date mentioned on it. Usually it is same as 797 approval document expiration date. What’s that date in your case?

Ok… Then in my case its showing as valid till May 2019. Does that mean, I dont need new I94? Means I need not travel outside USA to get new I94? Right?

I assume that date is of the I94 attached to new approval 797 document. That’s your latest I94 here on. No need to travel outside of US to get new I94