I-485 pending, currently on EAD/AP status; can I earn from YouTube by posting advertisement on my posted videos?

I was on dependent O-3. But currently on EAD/AP status and our I-140 and I-485 is pending. I have a youTube channel. I want to put advertisement on my videos and earn money from YouTube. I have received SSN. As long as I pay tax for my earning, am I legally Okay to earn money from YouTube. It is really not an employment in Youtube. If I am Okay, how do I fill I-9 since I am not getting employed in Youtube? Do I really need an I-9 for earning from blogs and or Youtube? I just want to make sure whether this EAD is restricted to certain type of jobs and whether online earning like my case is prohibited or not.
Thank you in advance for your kind response.

  1. EAD/AP is NOT a STATUS. Your status is “Pending AOS”. (EAD: is a permit to legally work. AP: Permit to enter into US legally).
  2. You will be considered Self-employed if you earn by doing business(Youtube earning could be a self employed business income) Thus, you are legal to earn and pay taxes on your youtube income.