I-485 AOS Applicant, picked last year on H1B CAP lottery, visa expiring soon - should I stamp it?

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I’m an I-485 AOS Applicant (EB1) and don’t expect my PD to be current for the next few years given ongoing retrogression. This was filed while I was on me L1 visa status and which expired in Oct 2018. For H1B-cap application (consular processing) in 2018, I did not have my I-140 approved and no EAD/AP so my employer filed a H1B to ensure I could continue working for them. I was selected in the lottery but after a lengthy RFE process it was approved in May 2019. The visa expiry is only till end of Nov 2019 and since my L1 expired in Oct 2018 I have been working (and traveling) using my EAD/AP on AOS process.

I’m about to take my visa appointment for getting my H1B stamped and activated (on entering the US on H1B) prior to expiry to stay H1B cap exempt for the future (if for some reason there is an issue with my AOS process, which doesn’t seem likely?). I wanted to understand from the community, if you can share any feedback, whether this can cause any issue to my ongoing AOS process? My employer’s lawyers don’t seem to think so (since H1B is a dual intent visa) but appreciate feedback. It is in my best interest to preserve and continue the AOS process since it grants me immigrant status as well as gives me the right work/travel. The H1B acts primarily as a backup (but is a non-immigrant application).

H1B Visa is Dual Intent, so, you do not need to prove non-immigrant intent for stamping. Read Dual Intent vs Non immigrant Intent
I have not seen many users try this option and I also do not have much insights. Discuss with another attorney and cross validate it… wish I could share more…

Please share your feedback here as well for community benefit.

Thanks a lot for your response, Kumar. Feedback I have received so far is aligned with getting this stamped and activating the visa before expiry. Then once expired switching back to EAD/AP until we need to use the H1B and hence file an extension.

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Sure. thanks for sharing. Do update here on how your stamping goes and further steps…
Good Luck for stamping !