I-290B approved, timelines for i-129 decision?

My H1-B was denied in Nov, 2016. Later MTR was filed in Dec and the MTR(I-290B) got approved on Feb 17, 2017. The original case i-129 was reopened on the same day. Have not received any decision yet.

Any idea, how long is it going to take for USCIS to give the decision on my H1-B petition?

Hi Neha,

Mine case is similar to you, MTR has been filed as per employer but I don’t see any status change on USCIS & no updates since last 25days. Can you please tell me where you have seen your updated status or with same receipt number?

Ask your employer to give you the receipt no. of the MTR. You can keep checking the status of MTR, once it is approved your currently denied case will be reopened.

Thanks Neha, I have got the new receipt number & the new number status says " Received your Form I-290B, Notice of Appeal to the Commissioner" but the Old still has “Denied” status. What does this mean. Its been a month that they have received the I-290B.

Mtr decision takes sometime. I got the decision on my i-290b in 2 months. Some people keep waiting for an year to get the decision.

Thanks again Neha, But I still don’t have any updates on status been more than 3months. Does anyone has any updates or in same boat?

My case is exactly similar, last updated on Feb 2017 and no further status change on the same, can any one help on the any alternate process solution?


If you don’t mind, can you please share the online message that was getting displayed when your appeal was approved by AAO, at the USCIS website?


Any updates after i290b approval can someone tell me the timeline