I-20 dates reflect only one semester,but program is for 1 yr.Will F1 visa be granted for one year or less?


My sister got through one of the colleges in US and she received her I-20 as well for a one year masters program.

Initially she enrolled for summer session but since the intensives were not available until winter so she was offered to roll over to the winter session. She received her I-20 that has start dates/end dates reflecting only winter semester.

We are confused if she will need another I-20 to finish the rest of the program (MA -one yr program) as to our understanding how would the embassy know that its is one year program and not just three months when granting F-1 visa. Do we need to request for a new I-20 ?

Your advise is highly appreciated.

Thank you.

Yes, she can talk to the school international office to get a new I-20 that reflects the course actual duration. If not, there is no issue here at all . A visa is just to gain entry into USA, once she enters in Winter semester, her status in USA is all that matters. She can get a renewed I-20 here in USA at the end of 3 months , which will update the SEVIS and extend her F1 status as well.

But if she travels back to India, she will have to get her visa re-stamped at the consulate.