I-140 related queries


My friend received I-140 with employer X and completed 6 months with same employer X.
Now my friend moved to new employer Y with I-140 done by an employer X
but employer X, revoked I-140, priority date cant be revoked by employer X(bcs 6 months completed) but employer Y did not start PWD, PERM, I-140 etc.

  • Is this case valid scenario? explain please
  • Is this case invalid scenario? explain please

Based my description message what are the different scenarios on this possible and not possible scenarios, please advise here


I have a question. Currently on H1 completed 7 years. Have approved I 140 3 years back from employer A. If i am able to find an employer and transfer the H1 . Do they need to initiate the Perm and i 140 at time of transfer ? or Perm can be done later after 6 months
How the H1 transfer will be work since i have completed 7 years.?

Second question. If the Employer B applies H1 and then revokes after 2 months . what happens to my visa status ? Can i go ahead with 60 day grace period . note i dont have I 140 from employer B

Third questions: If employer B revokes both I 140 and H1 within 6 months what happens to the Employer A I 140 ?