I-140 Premium Processing


My company lawyers are filing for my I-140 (PERM got Approved – am in EB3 category). They mentioned i can pay $1250 from my pocket (which is legal for I-40) to upgrade the case to Premium Processing

My H1B is valid till mid 2018(6 years), so getting I-140 approved before my H1B 6 years quota should not be a problem.

Is there any other benefits of getting I-140 approved quickly under Premium?

Two other important background points :

  1. I plan to actively look for a NEW job after March 2016 (after I return back from India). Is there any advantages to getting I-140 Approved BEFORE a Job change?

My priority Date is my PERM filing date, doess I-140 approval have any impact on whether Priority Date can be Ported to New Company ( in understand that PERM etc have to be applied again)

  1. H4 EAD can be applied after I-140 approval – but my spouse is not interested to work at-least in the next year.

I am sure I am missing something , hence asking for some advise on whether to pay for Premium procession or not.

If you want to port date from old employer to new one, then I-140 needs to be approved. Check current processing times and if it is not approved by Jan-Feb, then you can upgrade to PP so that you have I-140 copy by Mar 2017.

Other than that I don’t see advantage of I-140 PP.