I-140 approved, h1 expired, Is there a sponsor I get for H1 extension


I’ve I-140 approved in 2009 but, priority is not current. My current employer has not revoked I-140 yet and not willing to file an extension. I wish to go back and work again on H1 extension. Could you please, let me know if there is a possibility for a new employer to apply for H1 extension with Cap exempt. Could you please list Software companies that sponsor H1 extension. I’ve 15+ years of Software development experience, out of 7+ years in US for an Insurance Company in IT division.


If you change employers, your new employer has to initiate the GC process from scratch (PERM+I-140), but only good thing is you can still get to maintain your priority date that you had with the previous employer.

Only after the new employer’s I-140 is approved, you will be able to file for extension under them (if you have completed the 6 year clock).

I don’t think he needs new employer’s I-140 to be approved before filing H-1 cap-exempt. The cap-exempt petition through new employer can be filed using old employer’s I-140.

Thank you very much for your reply. Does this mean, new employer cannot file an extension with existing I-140 that’s approved from the previous employer. I saw in the link below that any employer can file an extension if I-140 is approved.