I 140 approved Documents Required

Hi Team

I have i 140 approved but just having FOIA provided approved petition copy . Do I need to provide the I 797 approved copy of I 140 for H1b transfer.

What is the way available for me to get the approved I 797 duplicate copy from USCIS

Either of them would be fine. You do not need the I797 copy . If you have I-140 approved copy, it can be used for cap exempt H1B filings or transfers.

And is there a way to get the approved I 140 copy from USCIS

If you have tried FOIA, that’s all you can get.

Thanks for the response but Can I get approved I 797 copy of I 140 by filing D 824 form

Usually, they may not give that information as that is employer’s document. You may try.