I-129 Suspended due to insufficient funds - help?

My I-129 was suspended due to insufficient funds to pay the fee. My lawyers are certain that this fee has been paid by them, yet the status has not changed when I look up my case number and we have not recieved any further information from the USCIS. Is this normal? What should I do? Here is what is says when I pull up my case number…


On May 9, 2013, we sent you a notice that the processing of your I129, PETITION FOR A NONIMMIGRANT WORKER has been suspended because the bank notified us that there were insufficient funds in your account to cover the filing fee. You must wait to receive this Check Deficiency Notice in the mail that explains the steps you must take to return your case to processing. If you have not received the notice within 30 days of the date above, please call customer service at 1-800-375-5283 for further assistance. If you move, please use our Change of Address online tool to update your case with your new address.

Your lawyer should follow-up w/ USCIS if they are sure that the account has funds.

Hi hemmi123…

I also get same status now after it was approved before.
Did you get any update on the same , What happened.

Please do reply. Its urgent for me.

Thanks a lot!!