I-129 is in denied status but AAO is in received status


I have applied for H1B visa in 2014, it got denied in Oct 2014 after this my employer filled AAO in Nov 2014.

On January 5, 2015, USCIS denied your Form I-129, where as my I - 290B that is AAO application is in Case Received Status On November 13, 2014.

Can any body help me what is my original petition status. Can still wait or file for new petition.



Hi Raj,

I am also in the same situation. Applied h1b on 1st april 2014. Got denied in august 2014, Applied MTR on sept 5, 2014. Since that day the status says " uscis has received docs on sept 5, 2014" It’s been more than 7 months and there is no result so far.

Does any one have idea how to expedite the process and get the result asap?