Hyderabad H1 visa processing time


I have two questions, anyone who went to Hyderabad for their visa stamping or any experts may please clarify. 

Situation: I am planning to go to hyderabad for my H1 B visa stamping. 

Question 1: I want to know when is the next available appointment date, I went to Hyd consulate website they say its typically 9 days, that means, after I pay them the appointment fee, and fill ds 160, then I can schedule a visa interview 9 days from now ? 

Question 2: I get 3 weeks off from work. So assuming I pick a date for my visa interview the day after I land in Hyderabad....and  my visa gets approved...[b]what is the typical processing time for them to send me my passport with the visa stamped ? [/b]

If it is within the 3 weeks then its fine, since I will be on vacation anyway so I can wait....so this is an important factor for me to take this decision about where to go ?? 

Question 3: 
If not hyderabad,what about any of the islands near Florida ? I heard someone went to Peurto rico, is it possible to go there and what is the processing time there ?