Husband is on F1 and got H1 picked this year. Wife applying for F2


Thanks in advance for helping out.

My husband is on F1 visa and currently employed there in USA. We got married recently and I will be going to visa interview soon for F2. My husband got H1 picked this year and its in process. I20 received from my spouse’s university clearly says change of his visa status.
Since F2 is dependant also VO expects short term stay , if question is asked as how long will you stay… I can not answer like i will be returning once my husband education is completed for 2 reasons

  1. He is currently employed
  2. His visa status is changing from F1 to H1.

Can you pls suggest the best answer in this case.


Your answer should be what you mentioned in DS 160 . Do not get confused.

Your stay will be as per husband’s stay. This is the answer