Husband and wife H1B visa stamping together and H4 for kid


I have a question. We currently work in india. Both myself and my wife got an opportunity to work on H1 visa. Both petitions are approved.

1. Can both of us go for H1 stamping together, along with H4 for my kid.
2. Should i tell " Other persons travelling with me" as my wife and kid in DS 160?

Is there any chances of VO thinking that we are potential immegrants? This is my first time applying for H1B visa and quite nervous. 

If applying together is not a safe option, what sequence we should follow?

FYI: We both has valid B1 visa's, I traveled 4 times and my wife once to US on B1.

Thanks a lot,

You must apply together. Separating applications by time is deceptive practice and is a serious red flag specially when there is no reason to do so. You are a highly qualified family with a small child, have travelled to US before and returned to India. I think 2 DS-160s will be required though, with your child listed in 1 of them. I suggest adding child to Mom’s application, not yours.

Wish you the very best

Sandeep Shankar, Ph.D. Academic Advisor (India) to The Executive Director, Colorado Heights University, Denver, CO 80223, USA.;