Husband and I both having same petitioner

hi All,
just wanted to ask, my husband and I both are on h1b petition approved presently working in the US under the same petitioner. We wish to visit India and hence have taken a single appointment under my husband and my daughter and I as dependants(On the appointmnet page )
.My question is Is this wrong or this appointment is ok because our petitioner is the same.Will the consulate get confused and stamp an h4 in my visa instead of an h1B?
Any help i smuch appreciated!


Why do you think it will confuse consular office? I don’t see any issue in the appointments. Also you may be eligible for dropbox.

Hi I think I am eligible for the Interview waiver as I had a L2 visa stamping then I got a change of state to H1b .I am tagged as a dependant in the visa interview appointment but obviously the documents and the DS160 has the H1b details.